Joan Carroll
Jayme & John Karounos
Cadance & Sean Rowland
Juta & Al Silvestri
Mike and Nancy Lake


Mike and Nancy Lake(couple):   We had a wonderful grilled salmon and asparagus dinner for two with pineapple rice and sweet potato compote! It came with a fresh and delicious micro-green salad filled with fresh berries and a red wine vinager dressing on the side. The salmon was grilled to perfection and Chuck provided a fresh dill butter to let melt over the fish once it was warmed and plated. Crispy on the bottom and moist and flaky. I even had enough leftover for me to take a salmon salad to work for lunch the next day. We also had double pork tenderloin dinner. One tenderloin was flavored with fresh rosemary, a touch of cinnamon and garlic, while the other was encrusted in a fig butter! Awesome!! This was accompanied by the best Israeli Cous Cous we ever tasted! It had green onions, crushed cashews and golden raisins. We also had a marvelous sauted fresh vegetable medley made up of red and green peppers, zucchini, yellow squash, and organic carrots with vedalia onions. The pork was moist and tender and it was hard to decide which flavor we liked the best! A big thumbs up on everything. The big extra for us was the leftovers. We really got 4 meals out of dinner for 2. That is very important to us and makes the service an even greater value!!! We highly encourage anyone to use Chuck’s convenient services for saving time and money as well as the ability to enjoy delicious food that is hearty, healthy and tasty!! I used Blue Apron for about 6 months, but now we have Chuck to be our Personal Chef. Soooo much better! He does it all!!!

John & Jaymie Karounos(family of 3):   Chuck came to our house with all the wonderful ingredients, spices and utensils he needed to cook two meals for our family of three. Everything he made was stored in our fridge in stack-able pyrex glass containers that were easy to take from fridge, reheat in the oven or microwave and then serve at the table. He left us with easy to follow reheating instructions too! Everything was spotless when he left. So he saved me time shopping, cooking and cleaning for two meals that week. As for the food…my husband and I requested fresh and healthy, and that’s exactly what we got! One meal was a perfectly pan seared flank steak with fresh herbs. This was accompanied by creamy garlic and parmesan risotto and a fresh medley of oven baked veggies that were tender but not mushy. Our second meal was sauted Panko crusted shrimp in garlic and white wine. With our shrimp we had a pan browned cous cous that was so tasty! We also had a casserole of fresh zucchini and yellow squash. So delicious and plenty of leftovers for a filling lunch the next day. My husband mentioned that he was totally satisfied eating a healthy dinner, and felt great because he knew he ate food that was good for him. My 11 year old son ate everything with no complaints and he’s a picky eater. He said he never knew healthy could taste good too! 100% satisfied with everything Chuck made and the total experience of having a Personal Chef service so easy and stress free. So great to come home and pop a healthy meal  We highly recommend Chuck for anyone who wants great tasting, healthy food for any size family.

Juta & Al Sylvestri(family of 5):    We love to cook!!! We were in the restaurant business for a while ourselves. So why Chuck as a Personal Chef? We both work and get home different hours all week long. We have children in grade school and High School with very different schedules. Time and convenience are major issues when it comes to making a meal every night for a busy family of 5. The nights when Chuck had cooked our meals, it was so stress free and relaxing. I could come home, do things around the house, take the kids to where ever they needed to be and no have to worry if I had groceries and what time I needed to start preparing food to have a meal ready at a decent hour for everyone to eat. It was all done by Chuck for me!! I could take the pyrex containers out for that night when I was ready and within 15-20 of reheating, we were sitting down to a delicious dinner for 5 very hungry people. One of our meals was a Pasta Jambalaya. Shrimp, sausage and chicken in a Cajun cream sauce over Rigatoni noodles. Wonderful and sooo much for everyone and left overs too! This came with the most incredible Cajun Broccoli. The broccoli was still a little crispy not mushy and the seasoning was awesome. I actually texted Chuck to find out what it was for future meals! Chuck had also made a nice jalapeño corn bread as a little treat. Perfect with the Cajun theme. Our second meal was creamy parmesan, garlic mushroom chicken.  My daughter is not a big mushroom fan, but she said these tasted the best ever! Accompanying our meal were oven baked tomatoes stuffed with spinach and parmesan with a melted cheddar cheese topping. We also had honey glazed parsley carrots that were tender but not soft! Leftovers for a family of five good eaters is not a regular occurrence, but we had plenty after both dinners! The stress free convenience of what Chuck made for us was worth double the reasonable service fee!! Use his service and start enjoying that extra time it saves you. You’ll be hooked after just one week of delicious experience meals from Chef Chuck! Give him a shout ASAP!!